Joaquin Phoenix has been at the top of his activist game throughout award season so far. During his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, he mentioned the "link between animal agriculture and climate change." However, Phoenix is not merely posturing across the world's television screens. He's been putting his body behind his words by attending protests in connection to this cause. He ditched a SAG Awards after-party to stand at a vigil for pigs being taken to a slaughterhouse. His latest act of protest involved going to Jane Fonda's Fire Drill Fridays in Los Angeles.

Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Since October 2019, Fonda has been hosting these rallies weekly in Washington, DC to demand that politicians properly address climate change. She has just moved this initiative to Los Angeles, where they will surely continue to attract celebrity participation. This past Friday (Feb. 7) marked Phoenix's second time attending Fire Drill Fridays. The rally he went to last month in the nation's capital resulted in him being arrested along with Martin Sheen. He attended this Friday's rally with his fiancee, Rooney Mara, where he went onstage to introduce environmental justice activist, Nalleli Cobo. 

Phoenix will be up for Best Actor at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards on Sunday night for his performance in Joker