Joe Biden has officially broken Barack Obama's record for the most-ever votes cast for a Presidential candidate in a U.S. Election.

Despite leading the popular vote, ballots are still being counted to determine whether Joe Biden will officially become the next President of the United States. Both sides turned out, mailing in more votes than ever before in history and turning up at the polling stations. Several states are still counting ballots and, with a recount expected in Wisconsin, it could be days or weeks before we found out who won.

While there are clear issues with the electoral college system, which is only employed in the United States, Joe Biden is leading the popular vote and, officially, he has received the most individual votes in history.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

In 2008, Barack Obama clocked in a total of 69,498,516 votes, which was a record at the time and enough to win the election. His former Vice President is breaking his record with 69,589,840 votes in the 2020 election, and he's still not done.

With votes continuing to be counted, there's a chance he can end up making even more history.

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The election remains undecided as it is simply too close to call for right now. However, Biden is leading the race in the electoral college. We'll keep you posted as news comes out regarding the outcome.