Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were embroiled in a race for the Democratic Nomination just a few months ago but after many moderates dropped out of the race, Biden was elevated and eventually became the clear frontrunner. While Sanders has stopped campaigning, his name was still on Primary ballots but for now, it seems like it was all for nothing.

According to CNN, Joe Biden recently won the race in Guam which gives him a delegate count of 1,992. In order to win the nomination, Biden needed 1,991 delegates. With this in mind, it's clear that Biden will be running against Donald Trump come November.

Joe Biden

Scott Olson/Getty Images

"A little more than three months ago I stood on stage in South Carolina and told the American people that ours was a campaign for everyone who has been knocked down, counted out, and left behind. Those words take on an ever greater resonance today, at a time when so many Americans are hurting and have suffered so much loss," Biden noted in a statement. "So many feel knocked down by the public health and economic crisis we are weathering. So many feel counted out and left behind by a society that has for too long viewed them as less than equal, their lives as less than precious."

This is perhaps the most important Presidential race in the history of the country and many will be looking on with bated breathe come election day.