On Friday (Mar. 6), it was announced that Justin Bieber's arena tour in support of his new album, Changes, would be downsizing to smaller venues. Coronavirus was cited as a factor leading to these adjustments, as it has been impacting everything else in the world. The pandemic-approaching virus was reported to have had a negative effect on ticket sales for Bieber's tour in select markets. His upcoming performances in eight arenas in different cities across the United States are being moved to the cities' respective stadiums. The venues were bestowed with the responsibility of informing ticketholders of this news, as Biebs himself refrained from offering any comment on his personal social media accounts. 

Joe Budden stumbled upon this announcement and, unsurprisingly, made zero effort to bite his tongue regarding his take on the situation. "This is a bold faced lie," Budden asserted upon seeing a headline that attributed the downsizing to Coronavirus. While the podcast host didn't elaborate on what exactly he believed the lie to be, we can speculate that he thinks Bieber is using Corona as a scapegoat to cover up already-poor ticket sales. Changes was widely panned by critics and after Bieber took several years off from his music career, there's a chance that the majority of his audience outgrew his brand of pop. 

Was Budden out of pocket? Is Coronavirus the true culprit here?