Last week, Offset had words for his old pal Joe Budden, after the media personality addressed Cardi's legal issues on State Of The Culture. A narrative ensued, in which Offset claims to have chased Joe Budden out of "Barnes" for his troubles. Over the weekend, Joe Budden and his co-hosts Rory and Mal addressed the situation on The Joe Budden Podcast. The discussion kicks off as Mal ponders what Offset was buying at the bookstore, while Rory speculates he was taking advantage of the Union Square Barnes and Noble bathroom. In any case, such mysteries remain unsolved, though Budden takes a moment to clarify his perspective on events. 

"I'm not about to beef with a n**** over his wife, that I love," explains Budden. "I thought that was our common ground." He brings up the "State Of The Culture" clip that set things off, and reiterates that Cardi is simply too big a superstar to be involved in any sort of violent or otherwise illegal behavior. "People have it out for her," says Budden. "I wasn't even saying she shouldn't do it. You have to be careful with how you do it. You can't put a rat emoji on Instagram. You got heat on you." Ultimately, Budden seems more concerned than judgmental and notes how many younger artists have taken to self-snitching via their own online breadcrumb trails.

"We certainly don't want to beef over your wife, that I love," says Budden. "She is great and amazing and I want her to continue to be here. I don't want to lose her to police, to jail, to hatin' bitches. New York is rocking right now, and Cardi's a big part of that." He proceeds to explain what actually happened; for one, the event took place at Barney's, not Barnes and Noble. And while Joe admits that he was indeed running, it wasn't because of Offset's menacing presence.

"I don't know why I still think I'm the guy that can hold a piss," says Joe. "You using the bladder cop-out?" says Rory. Budden disagrees, explaining that Barney's geography is not entirely favorable to the full-bladdered. "Just my luck that Offset would be blouse shopping on the side, looking at me running around," says Joe Budden. Rory remains thankful that Budden didn't "piss himself" upon seeing Offset, concluding that the more favorable scenario was indeed achieved. "He saw me," says Budden. "I didn't see him."

For the full reflection, check out The Joe Budden Podcast below.