There are few figures in the hip-hop community who are as polarizing as Joe Budden. The former rapper and current Everyday Struggle commentator has been known to stir the pot when it comes to topical issues and mix it up with well-known rappers, from Lil Yachty to Safaree. In fact, the former continues to keep his beef with Budden alive, sporting a hoodie that fired an expletive in the direction of the controversial Complex mainstay. Now, Budden is taking his caustic wit to social media and targeting supposedly uppity millennials who are far too into their "inspirational" video moments on platforms like Instagram.

Sporting a grey hoodie and a bemused grin on his face, Joe laced into the "fuckity L.A. n****s" who are constantly uploading their brief pearls of wisdom to the Internet. He then launched into a mocking monologue where he took on the persona of a millennial try to inspire his followers on social media. In Budden's eyes, mundane activities like making yourself vegan eggs with asparagus on the side is the in-point for someone to tell whomever is watching that, "if I can wake up and have vegan eggs, you too can wake up and chase your dreams." Of course, Budden's being tongue-in-cheek about all this, but one has to wonder if this is another example of his supposed vendetta against positivity in general. After he called Yachty's consistently sunny demeanor "bulls**t," one has to wonder.

That being said, Budden allowed for some sunny energy this past weekend, when he and girlfriend Cyn Santana celebrated the pending addition to their family with a baby shower to end all baby showers. There was music, there was twerking and Budden even posed with his existing son, who is now a teenager, in what was a nice candid moment from the normally private Budden. You can check out that shot below.