It's not all the time that when Joe Budden speaks he receives an overwhelming wave of agreement. Taking a break from his Clubhouse escapades, the controversial on-air personality recently spoke out about the sheer ridiculousness in the fact that Nicki Minaj had yet to be recognized by the Grammys despite all her influence. Comparing her inability to secure a Grammy from the Recording Academy to Doja Cat's numerous nominations this year, he declared it was time to give credit to the blueprint. 

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"Nicki Minaj needs her flowers. Whoever the Grammy board is, whoever's on there, y'all are not the one's that get to determine that Nicki Minaj and all of her impact and influence don't get to win an award. I'm sorry," said Budden on his podcast. 

"I'm done with those days. Y'all are not the f*cking gatekeepers, the barriers of entry, y'all are not any of that. What she did, she did that. And now we're at a time and place where we have not impersonators but the people who were inspired by that act. It's the same thing like when some of these people, when I see the Drake influence there, call me d*ck rider, whatever, who knows" he explained.

He went on, "But Nicki is in that same boat. I don't think too many more years need to go by when she's not awarded for her efforts, that's how I felt watching Doja Cat and some of the winners there."

Another co-host added that if something were to happen, it would be lifetime achievements galore, yet no one wants to recognize her for her achievements right now.  

As the best-selling female rapper of all time and one of the richest figures in hip-hop period, Budden's claims that Nicki deserves way more accolades than she has been given is not far-fetched. 

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