It's safe to say that Joe Budden isn't a fan of Terry Crews. The Joe Budden Podcast hosts tackled the topic of the actor's recent controversial statements on their show in light of Crews issuing an apology to Gabrielle Union. The actor came out to defend the reputation of America's Got Talent in the wake of Gabrielle parting ways with the series over accusations of discrimination. His response to the backlash also caused a stir, but later Crews took to Twitter to issue a public apology to Gabrielle, a woman who supported him after he came forward with #MeToo accusations against a high-powered Hollywood agent.

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Crews previously revealed that he was at a party when the agent groped his private area. He claims that because he rejected the advances, his career has struggled. Budden spoke about Crews' allegations and said that he believes that "Terry Crews enjoyed getting his d*ck touched by that white man. That is a Joe belief." Budden laid out the circumstance surrounding Crews' story and was unwavering with his opinion that there was more to it than meets the eye.

"Here comes Terry f*ckin' Crews to cape on behalf of America's Got Talent, saying that in his experience—and I don't know what affiliation he has with the show 'cause I don't give a f*ck about Terry Crews," Budden began. "He was saying in his experience, whatever Gabrielle saw was wrong. They're mad friendly to black people, Asian people, Russian's the most diverse workplace that he has ever been apart of. And now he's on a press run doubling down on that saying my wife told me to say it, my wife said to stand firm and do what I think is right and I ain't see discrimination, I don't' know what [Gabrielle's] talking about."

He added, "Terry Crews don't speak for black men. He don't speak for me. Terry Crews been shuckin' and jivin' for however many years for massa. It speaks to black women and why they feel unprotected by black men." Check out the scathing clip below.