Joe Budden doesn't seem to be one to take the art of strip clubbing lightly. The rapper and podcaster posted a joke photo to his Instagram story on Wednesday with a brief caption stating "I left" in response to a stripper wearing a pair of sandals instead of the typical club attire of heels.

There were no location tags or any distinguishable features in the background to properly identify the strip club that Budden was at, but it seems this stripper's particular choice of attire did enough to rub him the wrong way and promptly spark his departure. Future hopefuls of Budden's club philanthropy should be taking notes.

Budden sneakily took the photo of the stripper's waist down -- so she's not easily as identifiable -- but her shoe of choice for the night was more comparable to a pair of church shoes than anything else. Fans shared a laugh with Joe in the comments of the post, while piling onto the jokes that he set off by posting the photo to his story.

 Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

TheJoe Budden Podcast has been the former rapper's main source of prominence and relevancy in recent years, but underwent a recent shakeup when he seemingly fired longtime co-hosts Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay in the middle of the since-deleted May 12th episode. There had been brewing discrepancies between Budden and the two in recent months over the show's finances, which steered their relationship to a point of no return.

The duo has since gone on to start their own show on YouTube, seemingly doing just fine without Budden. On the other hand, Budden has continued on with the podcast after declaring that it was "over" during the aforementioned episode, substituting them with various guests to attempt to recapture the vibe of the show's past.

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