It appears Joe Budden ain’t feeling these two new PartyNextDoor singles. Despite his appreciation for the OVO crooner, which he’s always been vocal about over the years, Joe had to be honest with his listeners and say his two new releases didn't meet expectations, or in this case were “mids.”

On Monday’s episode of the Joe Budden podcast, Joe expressed his frustration from Party for having waited for so long to receive just some trash music like that.

“He’s supposed to not give me some mid” Joe says. “Not only gave me some mid, but you gave me a two pack of MID. Thats like an ounce with all the stems,” Joe added hilariously. “Im just picking stems out this bullshit.”

“So you give me mid and two songs from a n*gga we have been waiting for and anticipating for how long? Man if y’all don't get this n*gga the fuck outta here. Get him the fuck outta here!” Joey screams into the mic.

 If you have over two hours to kill, fans can check out the full episode (below), which is always entertaining. And if you haven't heard PND's two new singles, check out "The News" and "Loyal" with Drake.