Joe Budden has used the "I'm retired" card to great effect. It's easy to imagine Cyn Santana asking him to get her a glass of juice, only to be responded with "I'm retired." In a more pertinent hip-hop context, Budden used his newfangled status to curve Eminem's invitation to the dance, likewise for CyHi The Prynce. To be fair, Budden has been enjoying his new position as one of the dominant voices in hip-hop media, playing double duties on The Joe Budden Podcast and State Of The Culture. Yet it's clear that the man still values his storied run as a cult hero; like an uncle stumbling upon an old acoustic guitar at a party, Budden has once again answered the call.

A report from The Source indicates that Joe Budden may very well be emerging from his retirement to lay down some bars for the upcoming BET Cypher. It's as of now unsubstantiated, though Budden sliding through for another go around is hardly outside the realm of possibility; after all, in hip-hop, retirement is often temporary. Apparently, Budden will be introduced by Eminem of all people, with whom he has previously butted heads. It's likely that the Cypher was filmed prior to their publicized clash, though it should still make for a compelling narrative nevertheless. 

Many young fans will likely have heard of Budden's run in a folkloric fashion, with "Pump It Up" proving the most recognizable parable. Yet Budden's discography runs deep, as does his skillset. Those who have come to identify Budden as a media host will likely find themselves surprised at what he has to offer. Check out the BET Awards on October 16th, 2018.