Joe Budden celebrated Father's Day with his two kids, Sunday, but also called out his many more "sons" on his Instagram story.

"2 kids but a lotta sons out there," Budden wrote over a black screen. "Proud of y'all."

In a more serious post, Budden uploaded a picture with his kids: "All week my oldest asked me what I’m doing for Fathers Day…. Sorry kiddo, that’s your job, not mine, I’ll be available for YOU…. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!! Enjoy playoff basketball & have your kid(s) make you a sammich lol."

Joe Budden, Father's Day
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Earlier this year, Budden had a massive falling out with his fellow podcast hosts, Rory and Mal. On the latest episode of the duo's new podcast, Mal called out Budden for being a hypocrite

"You can't cry about De La Soul not getting their splits on one show and then do what you did to me and Rory," Mal said. "You can do business with friends and I think we gotta stop acting like you can't. People love to say 'don't mix business with friends.' You can absolutely do business with friends. It's just conversations, it's just transparency, it's just honesty."

Check out Budden's Father's Day posts below.