Rapper and Podcast host Joe Budden has been in hot water recently following sexual assault allegations and podcast issues, though he still has time to troll new girlfriend Shadee Monique. Budden, who's relationship is virtually nonexistent on his social media accounts, seems to have been confronted by his partner for this lack of publicity. In a joking response, the personality posted a picture of the couple on his Instagram story so small that it's impossible to make out who's who-- with the caption "since she say I don't post us." Fans and haters alike have flocked to the internet to criticize Budden for being "too old" for all the relationship games.

Shadee Monique, Budden's new bae, runs a clothing boutique out of Houston. Budden can be seen hyping her up in the comments of her Instagram, which boasts over 450,000 followers, back in May, though the internet love has apparently stopped. The rapper's relationship with Monique comes after his toxic and tenuous split with ex-fiancé, baby momma, and Love & Hip Hop co-star Cyn Santana due to infidelity rumors. 

Fans have called the rapper out for this new batch of trolling, criticizing the 40-year-old for being disrespectful and immature. Some Instagram comments poked fun at Budden, "Bro he is too old for that lmaoo," while others were a little more serious- "He's too grown for this behavior whether it's a joke or not. His energy is the worst." Women largely came to the defense of Monique, with a number of comments similar to one which read "I’m probably the only woman on earth who’d rather not be posted."

Is this funny or just immature? Let us know and check out the post below.