Joe Budden and Troy Ave have infamously not been very big fans of one another. On Joe's podcast, the former rapper turned media personality has been quite critical of Troy's movement throughout his career, particularly his role in recent high-profile legal cases. As far as Troy Ave is concerned, the feeling is mutual. 

In fact, today, DJ Akademiks hosted Troy Ave on his IG Live which was quickly filled with interested viewers. Among them was Joe Budden who immediately began trolling the New York rapper. Budden threw out lines like "[his] voice ain't even his," "I think you pussy," and "you not violent." Tory Ave saw this and clapped back at Joe saying "suck my whole dick like ya baby mother did."

Following this exchange of words, Troy Ave left the Livestream which eventually led to Akademiks bringing on Joe for an extension of the conversation. As Joe explained in the clip below, he simply doesn't like Troy Ave and that at the end of the day, he's simply not in rapper circles like he used to be.

At the moment, the two are still on a Livestream, with Joe talking about ownership in the media industry and his podcast.