Joe Budden is a busy man these days, and it's not because of his rap career. And that's not a slight, either. The rapper has set his sights on dominating the hosting/personality industry, becoming a staple for Complex with their Everyday Struggle show alongside internet-bred DJ Akademiks, while also continuing to forge his own podcast, the Joe Budden Podcast, once called the I'll Name this Podcast Later podcast.

The New Jersey-located podcast host was apparently in his feelings (although, if we're being real, Joe is usually always found in his feeling to some degree) when he caught wind that Fabolous sat down for an interview with Jadakiss (his Friday on Elm Street collaborator) for RapRadar's podcast. Basically, Joe is just upset that Fab did an interview with those guys, but didn't do one with him. Taking to twitter upon seeing Fab's tweet about the sit-down, Joe replied to it, "You’ve been on a podcast tour & frankly I’m hurt… I’m blaming Lenny S for that." For those unfamiliar, Lenny S. is sometimes better known as "Kodak Lens" as Roc Nation's resident photographer, among many other things.

Fabolous didn't let the comment slide, issuing a response to Joe on twitter as well: "Uhh.. Tour? I did 2.@JoeBudden... You gotta relax... *Nore voice then follow wit *Elliott Wilson laugh." 

Judging from Fab's tone -- in so much as we can judge from a typed-out internet message -- it seems his reply is all in good fun, and it won't result in any legitimate beef unless Joe decides to take it in that direction. You never know with Joe, too.

Recently, we had Charlamagne Tha God by our NYC office where he spoke at length on Joe Budden's ramblings against the youth of today's hip-hop. Charlamagne, while showing love for Joe and respecting their relationship goes way back, offered some words of caution for the Slaughterhouse MC nonetheless. It proved to be a really interesting part of the interview, you should check it out in full detail here.

Check out Joe and Fab's twitter back-and-forth below, and go stream Friday on Elm Street.