Nick Cannon has declared himself the victor in his latest war of words with Eminem, an assertion that not everyone agrees with. Em's verse on Fat Joe's "Lord Above" featuring Mary J. Blige re-ignited the lyrical feud between himself and Cannon, and it seems as if it was over just as quickly as it began. Hip hop commentators worldwide have weighed in with their opinions about the rap beef, and it was only a matter of time before The Joe Budden Podcast hosts shared their thoughts.

Mal argued that Eminem should go on Wild 'N Out, an open invitation that Cannon shared with his foe on Instagram. "I'm talking about just doing the show, doing something that shows that you're still in touch and in tune with the culture," he said. "If you're gon' get into this type of sh*t, at least make it comedy. This sh*t is just corny at this point." Mal added that Wild 'N Out is a show with a large viewing audience. "The show's been on air for 15 years," he added. "It's not a bullsh*t show. Go do it."

Joe believed that Eminem appearing on Nick's show would be a waste of time for the Detroit rapper. "You're not going on your ex's ex's show," Joe stated. "Clearly they still have some unresolved tension and I don't think that the public airwaves or the broadcast waves are where they should address it."

After listening to Em's "Lord Above" verse, Joe spoke about Nick having to call on a crew of battle rappers to help him on his diss tracks. "What is the appropriate response when someone who raps better, just blatantly opens the track with eight bars toward you, talkin' about 'I'm reminiscing'?" Rory added that Nick's strategy was fine, but his execution was just horrible. "I get what he was trying to do, let me get Suge, let me get a bunch of battle rappers," Rory said. "I get his thought process, but it came out horrible." Listen to the group discuss Eminem and Nick Cannon's beef below.