We all know Joe Budden to be one of the most passionate men in hip-hop. When it comes to his opinions on music, we can count on him to get heated about something happening in the industry. Love him or hate him, he's always got something on his mind and we're all ready to listen to it. He's one of the reasons why Love & Hip-Hop: New York has been so successful. He's a proven ratings draw so they've got to milk as much drama as they can out of him. Today, the show previewed the moment when Budden knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Cyn Santana, proposing to her in front of hundreds of people.

Brian Ach/Getty Images

During a taping of his podcast, Joe Budden decided to get down on one knee for his girlfriend, proposing to Cyn Santana on stage. He gushed about his love for her, asking if this is the best relationship she's ever had and then issuing a dare: "Prove it to me. This is the part where you get up and come to the stage." The crowd went wild when Joe popped the question. We all know how the story ends by now but of course, Cyn said yes, telling Budden that she wants to "spend this life and the next" with him.

Last week, Budden was accused of cheating on his girl by Erica Mena after a heated fight with Safaree. We can always count on some memorable moments on Love & Hip-Hop. This one just so happened to be a nice one.