Early on in the NFL offseason, the Cleveland Browns shocked everyone as they decided to sign Deshaun Watson to one of the biggest contracts in NFL history as far as guaranteed money is concerned. This was a controversial move especially since Watson is still being investigated for sexual assault. Not to mention, it completely derailed Baker Mayfield's career.

In a report from Cleveland.com, Joe Burrow of the Bengals spoke about the move and what he thought of it all. As Burrow notes, Watson is a generational player and the Browns were in a tough situation. However, as it pertains to Mayfield, Burrow showered the QB with a lot of praise noting that he can still ball out in this league.

Baker Mayfield

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“When you have a guy like Deshaun, you have to take a chance at that because he’s such a great player,” Burrow said. “But Baker is a really good player, he’ll land on his feet. [...] He was hurt all last year and every time we play him, he balls. The first time we play him, week two of my rookie year, we lost like [35–30] or something, and the next time we play him, I throw 400 yards, he goes like [22-28] with five touchdowns. Goes on a two-minute drive, touchdown, won the game. I haven’t beat the Browns yet.”

Either way, Burrow is on the up and up especially after going to the Super Bowl this past year. The Browns will be a lot better this year and they will prove to be tough competition. For years to come, Browns Vs. Bengals is promising to be a fun rivalry.

Joe Burrow

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