Joe Burrow has been perhaps the best rookie in the NFL this season and on Sunday, he suffered what appeared to be a devastating knee injury. We reported on the hit, noting that Burrow's knee bent backwards after what appeared to be an accidental awkward collision. It was one of those hits that had NFL fans cringing as they knew it was serious. Following the game, Burrow indicated that he was finished for the year and that he would be back in 2021.

Today, Adam Schefter of ESPN delivered some bad news as it was revealed that the MRI done on Burrow this morning was worse than anticipated. Now, Burrow has a torn ACL, torn MCL, and even has structural damage to his knee that will ultimately keep him out longer than a simple ACL injury would.

This is horrible news for Burrow who showed so much promise in his first weeks as the team's starter. The Bengals offensive line has been criticized all season long for the punishment they were allowing Burrow to take, and this latest injury is a culmination of everything pundits have been saying over the past couple of months.

We wish Burrow nothing but the best during this difficult time and we're hoping for a quick and successful recovery.

Joe Burrow

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images