Iconic R&B singer Joe has been the voice of Power since the show's inception and when fans tuned in to watch the Final Season World Premiere on Sunday, they were expecting the smooth tones of his vocal cords to bless the opening of "Big Rich Town." Instead, another popular crooner took his place with Trey Songz replacing the man for Season 6. People vocalized their displeasure with the executive decision to cut Joe from the intro and for all of this week, 50 Cent has been venturing to his comments online with hilarious responsesYesterday, we reported on Trey Songz' answer to the backlash and now, Joe has finally taken to his own accounts to clear up his thoughts on the situation.

Posting his response as a message on Instagram, Joe did not appear to be too bothered by the change in the theme song. Fif has already hinted that the singer will be back on for the remainder of the season, so he's likely not worried about the outcome. He wrote: "All in favor say I! FANS HAVE A LOT OF #power! Ya'll are amazing! Will hit y'all once I'm settled in AFRICA @50cent - ALL LOVE - (we made a classic!)"

Do you think Joe should be added back to the theme song or do you prefer the new version with Trey Songz? Let us know in the comments.