What you do you do when your better half is a staple character on one of the world's most celebrated television series? You dress as them for Halloween of course. 

Proving that the fortune is definitely in his favor, Joe Jonas posted a few photographs of himself decked out in a Sansa Stark costume - complete with a cleavage-bearing blue embroidered dress and a red wig. Sophie Turner, Jonas' fiancee, portrays the character on popular Emmy award-winning series Game of Thrones which is currently wrapping up its eighth and final season. Fans immediately took to the comment section to share their reactions with one writing, "He dressed up as Sansa, I can't breathe." In a rather humorous turn of events, some likened Jonas' appearance to the animated character Fiona from Shrek sharing, "I honestly thought he was Princess Fiona from Shrek." One user hilariously quipped, "Expectation: Sansa Stark/reality: Fiona."

Turner, on the other hand, opted to dress as an elephant in a gray onesie. The couple and were dressed in their Halloween best for a party hosted by actress Kate Hudson which was held at director Simon Kinberg’s house in Hollywood. Celebrities including Sarah Silverman, Sara Foster, Jessica Alba, and Olivia Munn were reportedly also in attendance.

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