Joe Rogan had returning guest Kevin Hart on the podcast yesterday afternoon, for a two-hour discussion on all things life. At least, Kevin Hart's life. The comedian has had his fair share of ups and downs in the past couple of years, from his cheating scandal to his car crash that left him unable to walk for a period of time. Some of his battles are displayed on his Netflix series, Don't F This Up, but others are so fresh that they're only being discussed now.

In his conversation with Rogan, Hart fully explains what happened to him in the car accident, and how he managed to recover. "I fractured my spine...What happens is, they had to fuse my spine. They basically had to the bones where it's fractured, basically your spine is out of wack, so they gotta fuse that shit back together, so I got eight screws." 

Hart cited his fitness and health as an important factor in his recovery, and ensured to wax poetic on all the benefits of health.

"When you get this type of injury and you stay still, you allow this metal to stay stiff, so now your movements become robotic with it. As soon as I got out of the hospital, I started. I didn't have days off. As soon as I got out, I started physical therapy. I did not wait, I got off medication, I said I'm not taking no meds, my dad was on drugs I'm not fucking around with that. I dealt with the pain but I said I gotta start now, cause every day I wait, makes it harder." He added, "The work that I put into my core and upper body for years is what saved me-- aside from God."

He revealed as far as health goes, that he doesn't eat red meat or fish, as he's predominantly plant-based.

"I'm a plant-based eater. I'll dabble into my chicken. Just because you go and make the decision to try plant-based doesn't mean you have to be engulfed in that world."

From there, they talk about ambition and success-- namely, Jeff Bezos and Michael Jordan, with Hart going on to praise MJ and The Last Dance doc, which Rogan has yet to see: "You gotta watch this doc," Hart urged, calling it "instant fuel."

Check out the full episode below for all the gems.