One of the best things to do is sit around on the patio with your friends, passing around a blunt and just talking about life. Many of us have beautiful memories of existential talks we've had with our stoner buddies, just pondering on what happens in the afterlife and what the purpose of all this really is. If you've never been involved in one of these chats, the closest you'll get to one is Lil Duval's recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Have you ever just wanted to eavesdrop on a philosophical conversation between two stoners? If your answer is yes, you need to check out the latest episode of Joe Rogan's ultra-popular podcast. Comedian Lil Duval stopped by to catch up with his friend and the two entertainers ended up smoking so much weed that they just went off on tangents about literally anything. Lil Duval only started smoking marijuana a few years ago, detailing that he wasn't that into the practice because everybody else was doing it. However, when he started lighting up on the regular, he realized that the stoner life was meant for him. His father used crack cocaine so, seeing everybody around him on drugs made him avoid weed, thinking that he would be negatively affected by it. He only tried it when he realized that his life couldn't "fall off" any more, admitting that his decision to take some tokes was one of the best things that ever happened to him.

If you want to get the entire vibe of their hilarious, lighter-clicking conversation, watch the entire 3-hour long podcast. However, if you don't have that sort of time in your daily schedule and you just want to hear about how Duval started smoking, peep that at the 34-minute mark.