Lizzo is one of the biggest musical stars in the world right now, earning herself a bunch of Grammy Award nominations and sitting pretty within the Top Ten of the Billboard Hot 100. All summer long, her single "Truth Hurts" continued to pick up steam and now, "Good As Hell" is following up that campaign strongly. Known for her confidence and body positivity goals, Lizzo took a chance by rocking a risky outfit at the Los Angeles Lakers game this weekend and it backfired. Fans of the squad are even trying to get the superstar banned from the STAPLES Center after she exposed her ass to the world, wearing solely a t-shirt and a black thong as she danced on the jumbotron. Joe Rogan has been known to comment on current affairs in the entertainment news circuit and, during his sit-down with Michelle Wolf, the two discussed her potential motive with Rogan noting that he believes she was aware of the repercussions she would face.

Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

Comedian Michelle Wolf was also at the game and witnessed the display first-hand. She told the host of the Joe Rogan Experience that she has a theory behind why Lizzo was dressed as such. "She wore this t-shirt that had this big hole in the back and she was just wearing a thong out of it," told Wolf. "My theory is that she forgot underwear and then cut it and she was like making fashion out of it."

"I think that's calculated," added Rogan, suggesting that he believes Lizzo knew what she was getting herself into. Wolf chimes in to remark that, for the entire game, Lizzo's bare butt was sitting on the courtside seat, which must have been insanely uncomfortable and sticky. That's when Rogan brings up Lil Duval's post about the outfit, calling out a double standard and justifying his confusion as to why it's alright for "big girls" to wear clothes like this but when smaller-figured women do it, they get called out for being "sluts." 

Watch the discussion at the 15-minute mark below to see what Michelle Wolf says about Lizzo's confidence.