Every so often, Joe Rogan dips his toe into hip-hop waters, inviting a rapper (or somebody directly involved in the culture) onto his wildly popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. Following a recent conversation with rapper slash MMA aficionado Wiz Khalifa, Rogan grabbed Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz, hosts of their own Brilliant Idiots podcast, for an extensive and insightful three hour conversation. Off the top, Joe Rogan hits Charlamagne Tha God with some lofty praise.

"I've been a fan of yours for a while. I think you're the last great radio host, and you will be the last famous radio host," says Rogan. "You're the one who made it famous from radio." Clearly, the respect is mutual, as all three parties appear to be having a grand old time throughout the course of the epic and wide-ranging talk. The good-humor is especially noted upon the discussion of the breaking of NDAs, specifically pertaining to paying off incognito lovers. Disgraced Fox News host Bill O' Reilly is quickly used as a proverbial Donkey of the Day, with Rogan citing the time he "had to pay a lady $32 million dollars" in hush money. "There's no pussy worth that," quips Charlamagne, prompting Schulz to ponder what O'Reily might have done to warrant such an outrageous debt. 

Naturally, the speculation proceeds to unfold. "He must have done something he didn't want nobody to remotely hear about," says Charlamagne. "It's not even about what actually happened, it's about what the person said they did to you that could ruin your reputation. Especially in 2019." Schulz chimes in to play the scatological forensics expert: "she's got his shit under her fingernail, I guarantee." Charlamagne offers a more measured take. "You have to look at him a certain way in order to listen to what he's saying," reflects The God, as the trio concludes that O'Reily has essentially been canceled, even without his bedroom proclivities having seen the light of day. 

"Ya'll be talking about cancel culture, Bill really got cancelled for real, for real," says Charlemagne, as Schulz reflects on how the mighty have fallen. "He's podcasting out of his apartment," he says, eyes wide. "Dude, there's no background, nothing. It's bad. He's not even wearing suits. It's got like, a NASA rugby shirt. Dude. It's Bill O'Rogan!"