Already, people were boycotting Spotify because of the Joe Rogan Experience and, after far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones appeared again on the show, they've got even more of a reason to be angry.

Last month, it was reported that Spotify's employees were threatening to strike if Joe Rogan's podcast remained on the platform without censorship, citing the fact that he often uses his show to host far-right and controversial personalities. After the surge in traffic from Kanye West's appearance on the podcast, Rogan jumped right back and published his latest chat with Alex Jones, host of InfoWars

Pictures of Joe Rogan standing with Alex Jones, as well as some creep wearing a "Free Ghislaine Maxwell" t-shirt, have been going viral on social media with people sharing their opinions on Rogan, arguing that somebody like Alex Jones should not be given such a large platform to spew misinformation.

Several weeks ago, Rogan argued that he should not be censored, explaining his view of what's happening, specifically using one episode that has been labeled as transphobic by critics as an example.

"Look, people are so malleable, they’re so easily influenced, and for us to deny that doesn’t do anybody any good, doesn’t do anybody any service," he said. "So this is the main issue they had with that, you know. This is the, apparently, this is the main problem they had with this one particular episode [with Abigail Shrier] and I’m sure they’ve had issues with other episodes as well, but like I’ve said before: I’m talking off the top of my head, and a lot of times, I’m saying shit  I don’t even mean, because I’m saying it because this is a fucking podcast. And if you have a problem with people saying terrible shit and you work for Spotify, maybe you should listen to some of the lyrics. Ok? Because some of the lyrics in some of the fucking music you guys play over and over and over again makes my shit pale in comparison. Pale. If you’re listening to some rap music right now— I’m not anti-rap, I love rap music. I’m-- I’m fucking saying, go back and listen to NWA. Go back and listen to some of the early shit. Like go back and listen to Ice-T, 'Cop Killer' From the Body Count days. Whew."

Rob Kim/Getty Images

The previous episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience containing Alex Jones have not been added to Spotify since Jones is banned from the platform. In his latest appearance of the show, Jones claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged and spoke about Hunter Biden's laptop. Some people have even claimed that they will be canceling their subscriptions to Spotify because of Rogan's new episode with Jones.

You can probably understand why people are mad.