By now, Tekashi 6ix9ine's name tends to ring bells no matter what walk of life and culture you come from-- he's really forged a name for himself within the mainstream dialect, even if it irks most within rap circles. Nonetheless, he has fans. Or, at the very least, he has people watching and assessing his every move since he was released from prison early due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, 6ix9ine found himself embroiled in a Billboard beef, dragging Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and more into it too.

In Rogan's latest podcast episode with fellow comedian and writer Bridget Phetasy, the two enter a conversation about drastically differing cultures and opinions, and how YouTube plays a role in dictating what actually gets seen and what doesn't. It began with a discussion on Alex Jones' rather eccentric videos and topics, which infamously got him kicked off the YouTube platform. Rogan, of course, questions what Jones was doing content-wise that was so harmful.

He makes a leap, from there, to declare Tekashi 6ix9ine as the answer to uncoding and deciphering warring cultures--

"You know what's the Rosetta Stone of the culture war? Tekashi 6ix9ine," he states, before explaining further to his guest. "Because the rap culture has always been 'no rats'; 'snitches get stitches.' That's always been the culture. He is now the most popular rapper on earth, he has a video that he just released a few days ago, that, what is it now?" 

Rogan continues, "159 million views. And it's terrible." When prodded to explain why this makes him the Rosetta Stone, he responds:

"There's no logic. There's no logic to anything people are doing. If you try to look for logic in what's popular, in human behaviour...This is the key to translating it - it's all nonsense - he's nonsense." He adds, "The world is paying attention to this nonsense."

Jump to 2 hours 37 minutes to hear the explanation.