Joe Rogan is one of the biggest podcasters in the entire world although his show has certainly come with some controversy over the years. Rogan is constantly sitting down with politically charged guests, and sometimes, these guests get into conspiracy theory territory. While most of his viewers are interested in the conversations, there are some people out there who believe Rogan should be reprimanded for platforming the likes of Alex Jones.

While the higher-ups at Spotify have continued to support Rogan, there are some employees at Spotify who are disgusted by his presence on the platform. According to Business Insider, Spotify was even forced to hold a Town Hall with its employees, where some suggested that Rogan should receive more editorial oversight. Spotify refused to do this and since then, employees have gotten even more upset.

Joe Rogan

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Perhaps one of the more interesting elements of this story is that fellow podcaster Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are also against Rogan's role on Spotify. They took particular offense to his comments about the Coronavirus and how younger people don't need to get vaccinated. While Rogan retracted these claims, the royal couple was still appalled.

Despite all of this, Rogan is the biggest star on the Spotify platform and it doesn't look like they will be doing anything to upset him, anytime soon. After all, he is making the company a whole lot of money right now.

Joe Rogan

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