Joel Embiid has been considered to be one of the best big men in the entire NBA, however, the Philadelphia 76ers' lack of results out on the basketball court has left him in an odd place. On some nights, Embiid looks like an MVP-caliber player, while on others, he just doesn't put in the effort required to sneak out a win. Regardless, you can't deny Embiid's talent, even if it is just a tad inconsistent. Not to mention, after being swept from the playoffs this season, some critics have been harsh on how the 76ers roster is constructed.

Embiid was particularly slighted this past week as he wasn't included on any of the All-NBA teams. Some fans felt that he should have at least been a part of the third team, but in the end, he was snubbed. Today, Embiid appeared to react to this snub, as he hinted at feeling like he's been forgotten.

"I’m being treated like I got deported!!! We’ll see next year," he wrote.

To be fair to the 76ers, they were without Ben Simmons for the postseason, which certainly put a damper on things. If they can get the team back healthy next season, they will certainly have a much better shot.