Joel Embiid is easily one of the most important players on the Philadelphia 76ers who continue to roll in the Eastern Conference this year. The team is a front runner to potentially make a run at the NBA Finals. Although, the next week or so could prove to be tough for the squad as it has been reported that Embiid will be out for a week or more with soreness in his knee.

"Evidently, it reached a stage where [Embiid] just felt uncomfortable with it," Sixers coach Brett Brown said according to ESPN. "So he had an MRI on it; there's a little bit of tendinitis. It's stuff that, I think, is quite common, actually."

When asked about whether or not the injury was aggravated by the All-Star game, Brown was dismissive, saying that when or where he got the injury doesn't matter all that much.

"The bottom line is nobody needs to read into anything here. This is an NBA athlete that has some soreness in a knee, that has had an MRI, and we all should move on," Brown said. "We'll miss him, obviously, playing-wise, but it's not anything that isn't completely pointed toward keeping him ready, and especially keeping him ready when it matters most at the end of the year."

The 76ers are back in action tonight at home against the Miami Heat.