The Toronto Raptors made the Philadelphia 76ers their sons last night with a 125-89 win in Game 5 of the second-round last night. Joel Embiid was the subject of taunting and overall ridicule over the fact that he played abysmal basketball, something that he says is due to a lingering illness that has affected him all series long. Embiid has been known to taunt people when he's playing at his best and on Tuesday night, Raptors fans made sure to put that energy right back in his face. Leading the charge was Raptors superfan Drake.

After the game, Embiid was asked about the trolling and explained that he didn't even really notice it.

"I didn't notice. I just saw them shake their bodies. I didn't pay attention about what the hell they were doing," Embiid said according to Complex.

The 76ers big man also spoke about his own trolling and that he's not going to stop because others don't like it. For Embiid, he just wants to stay true to himself.

"Like I said before," Embiid said. "I don't care if it offends anybody about what I do. It's all about having fun, so I don't care. I'm going to do that because I know I'm going to dominate."

Game 6 goes down on Thursday as the Raptors own a 3-2 series lead.