The Philadelphia 76ers are currently up 3-1 in their first-round series against the Brooklyn Nets. The Sixers were down 1-0 after the first game but have crawled their way back and have built up an impressive lead that not many teams have been able to come back from. One of the players who has been a menace on the court for the Sixers all season is Joel Embiid who is also a Class A troll. Whether he's making Warriors jokes or getting in people's faces, Embiid is always able to get under your skin.

TMZ Sports caught up with Embiid this weekend while out in Brooklyn after the team's game four victory. In the clip, Embiid talks about how Shake Shack is his favorite post-game meal. In addition to his declaration for his love of fast-food, Embiid emphatically said that his team's series against the Nets is now over. 

Of course, the series hasn't finished just yet as the Sixers need to win game 5 in order to sure up the win. The Nets have been solid all series long and had a chance to win game 4 but blew a late lead. 

If the Sixers get too cocky, they could risk losing the series, although, with the talent the Sixers have, Embiid most likely has a point.