Joel Embiid has been enjoying quite a bit of success in the NBA as of late, despite being eliminated from the NBA bubble in the first round. Embiid is heavily regarded as one of the top big men in the NBA and since coming home, he has been able to enjoy some time with his longtime girlfriend Anne De Paula. In fact, Embiid and De Paula surprised numerous fans recently when the two announced that they had just welcomed their first child into the world.

Taking to Twitter, Embiid revealed his child to the world, noting that his son's name is Arthur De Paul Embiid. Embiid also offered some emotional words about the birth of his first son and what it all means to him.

"We are so blessed and fortunate to welcome our little boy in this family. First of 11 or more? Trying to convince her but I’m not winning so far. I’m just trying to build a soccer team but for real I’m so excited for the future," Embiid said.

Considering Embiid wants 11 more kids, we're sure his girlfriend will have something to say about that, considering it would be a painful endeavor.

Regardless, congratulations to both of them.