When Joey Bada$$ released his debut mixtape, 1999, back in 2012, it went off like a bomb in the middle of the rap world. Critics praised Joey's modern spin on the classic New York style of hip-hop, and the tape introduced many people to the talent lying in wait in Joey's Pro Era crew. Besides Joey, the breakout star of the tape was Capital Steez, who had a strong placement on the tape's first single, "Survival Tactics."

It's been a long time since then. Joey Bada$$ has continued to evolve with his music, and released several follow up projects as well. The Pro Era collective has also made progress as individuals, and as a group, despite the tragic loss of Capital Steez in late 2012. However, 1999 is where everything truly started, and now you can revisit the tape on your digital music streaming service of choice. 

Joey announced the arrival of the project online a few days ago, but today's date has a specific significance to Joey, as it's the 6th anniversary of the project's release. 

The project contains several beats that Joey had lifted to make this project, including production from MF DOOM and J Dilla. It seems as though they must have finally gotten the clearance to go ahead and make the tape available for everyone. 

If you ever felt nostalgic for the time of the early 2010's, then go ahead and add Joey Bada$$1999 to your favorite streaming playlist and take a trip down memory lane. It's definitely worth revisiting.