Joey Bada$$, the mind behind 2017's All Amerikkkan Bada$$, is no stranger to voicing political opinions. And with the United States of America currently in the midst of a societal revolution, with thousands upon thousands of protestors lining the streets to protest systemic racism, police brutality, and more, Joey's politically-themed album rings all the more poignant. Today, the Badmon took to Twitter to make a declaration against the enemy as he sees it, the MAGA supporters and their leader President Donald Trump.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

"MAGA is a cult," he declares. "Fully equipped with the God Complexed incompetent leader." He continues, offering a suggestion as to what might be done to stave off the members of said cult. "From now on we are referring to the aforementioned as, MAGATS (pronounced MAGGOTS)," he writes, a post bound to draw the ire of his Trump-supporting followers.

While rappers, with the sole exception of Kanye West, have never had much love for Donald Trump, it appears as if the floodgates have been kicked open and the animosity is free to spread unimpeded. Expect rappers to engage in open confrontation with Trump supporters on their respective Twitter pages, especially as the upcoming election draws closer.