Joey Bada$$ has outlined his principles time and again, and few can dispute that he's a man of sound character. Remaining unpretentious even in the face of musical success, Bada$$ has often used his platform to reflect on his journey, and how he has kept true to self for all these years. Today, his All Amerikkkan Bada$$ single "Temptation" has officially gone gold, and the rapper took to Instagram to open up about the track's history and meaning.

Joey Bada$$

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

"Another one... but this one hit different y’all," he begins, sharing the latest accolade on his IG page. "There was no big budget behind this song, people naturally gravitated to it and internalized it. When I made this song I thought it was the best song I ever made, I still feel that way (only now there’s more rivals in the stash) But man, this is proof y’all. Proof to trust yourself and follow your heart. I will forever take pride in putting my integrity above my celebrity, and this is just one of the many fruits of that mindset."

"Thank you to all my supporters who been rocking w me throughout this journey, I pray you guys continue to stand w me," he continues. "I will never let you guys down in terms of selling myself short or compromising my message. New music is just around the corner." Given that it's been three years since we last heard a solo album from Joey, it certainly feels like now is the time -- and from the sound of it, he's gearing up to drop his best album yet.