While his age may seem shocking, it feels as though 23-year-old rapper Joey Bada$$ has been in the game for a minute. As one of the founders of Pro Era, Joey has seen success with his mixtape and album runs, with his All-Amerikkkan Badass album being ranked in many people's list of the top 20 albums of 2017. His brand of conscious rap has brought a lot of people onto him musically, as his lyrical ability has flourished over the years. In order to stay at the top of the game though, you need to consistently be working on yourself, something that Badmon certainly recognizes.

Having been spotted several times over the last month in the studio, it's safe to say that the New York talent is hard at work on his upcoming projects. Having no time to spare, the artist took full advantage of his ability to multitask as he brought the nail salon to the studio. Posting a video on his Instagram page, Joey is pictured writing lyrics in a notebook with one hand while he has his nails filed on the other. While some commenters are praising him for keeping his hands well manicured, others are simply confused at how Joey is holding the pen between his index and middle fingers.  

Last month, Bada$$ wrote on his Instagram story that he completed eight songs in two days when he visited Los Angeles with Chris Brown, Gashi, and London on da Track. The "Good Morning Amerikkka" rapper is not slowing down soon as he stays on his grind, putting his full focus on his craft. Check out the video below and let us know what your personal studio traditions are.