UPDATE (3/6/16 2:27am) Troy has deleted his Instagram post, though you can see the attached "Revenge of the Nerds" meme in the above gallery. 

UPDATE: And just like that, Troy Ave has responded with a lengthy Instagram post of his own as well as a meme that shows Joey photoshopped into a poster for the film "Revenge of the Nerds." The meme is a reference to a line on Troy's new diss track, "Bad Ass": "If it really was the '90s, you'll be titled as a herb / If ya movie was biography, 'Revenge of the Nerds.'" 

In the caption of the post, Troy accuses Joey of involving other New York rappers, namely Nas and Pro Era's Kirk Knight, in their conflict -- "But that's what pussies like you do." He then goes on to mention -- as he did on "Bad Ass" -- the late Capital STEEZ, who, this time, Troy refers to as "ya roof jumpin bestie." 

Troy explains that the glorification of STEEZ' suicide is indicative of the difference between his music and that of Pro Era: "y'all n*ggas music tell kids that if you commit suicide you'll be a martyr and a legend! My music says don't do that cause you'll be a dick head and a bozo." He ends the post by calling Joey an "Internet rapper." 

Original text below: 

Last week, the beef between Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave heated up dramatically. Troy released a diss track titled "Bad Ass," a response to Joey's recent single, "Ready," on which he roasted Troy with a line about the lackluster sales of his latest album, last summer's Major Without a Deal. Troy's diss record was especially controversial in the New York rap community because he used it to scoff at the death of Pro Era rapper Capital STEEZ, who took his own life in December 2012. 

Joey sent out a few tweets in response to "Bad Ass," including one with an attached screenshot of a series of tweets sent out by Troy in 2011, showing multiple insults directed at Nas. "Get him TF outta here," wrote Joey. 

Today, Joey addressed Troy in a lengthier format, via Instagram, and the post looks to contain Joey's final thoughts on the controversial beef, one that he feels isn't warranted because of Troy's lesser status in the rap game. 

The post shows a picture of Joey on stage at the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival in Florida, where he performed last night. In the caption, Joey wrote about how the audience contained four times as many people as those who bought Troy's Major Without a Deal

"What diss record?? Oh from that 30 y/o reject who hit the lil homie below the belt?? FUCK OUTTA HERE," wrote Joey in response to "Bad Ass" and its mentioning of Capital STEEZ.

Joey's post suggests he won't be offering a diss track of his own: "Whoever y'all talking about don't even deserve a response cuz he ain't on my level."