Joey Bada$$ deserves respect. Never once has the young rapper turned his back on his values, stepping up to make the music he wants to makes and never apologizing. Even though his last album, the politically-charged All Amerikkkan Bada$$, was released in 2017, his loyal fans have remained patient and understanding. Though his release schedule might not be as frequent as some might like, the Badmon has never given us reason to doubt his vision -- nor his intentions and values.

Joey Bada$$

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images 

Yesterday, Joey took a moment to share footage of something that clearly humbled him, at least a little: a mural of his likeness on a Brooklyn apartment wall, remaining untouched for three years strong. "Fuck a Grammy fuck a VMA, fuck all that shit that the white man try to give you to validate your dopeness," he begins, in a lengthy Instagram caption.

"I got REAL LIFE Trophy’s in the hood I’m from, that’s the best roses you can get. Hometown love, and btw this is not new this has been here for ATLEAST 3 years and it blows my mind every time I see it... Name a rapper with a MURAL in his OWN CITY that’s STILL ALIVE... I’ll wait. This what I do this for... my community. y’all can keep the other shit I know I’m SUPER VALID. Im the definition of a WALKING LEGEND and if you can’t respect that your whole perspective is WACK!" 

While some may chase the numbers and accolades, it's clear where Joey's loyalties lie -- to those who helped elevate him to the artist he is today, the fans who still show him love in his community and beyond. And for them, a reward -- new music on the way, if his closing statement is any indication. With Joey in the midst of shooting a new video for his upcoming project, do you think we'll see this mural make an appearance?