The Eric André Show has become infamous on television and online for their ridiculous stunts and interviews where they essentially torture their celebrity guests. Joey Bada$$ might have been smart enough to know not go on the Eric André Show, but it seems he'll be making an appearance on the show's new successor, Mostly 4 Millennials

The new show, which is being producer by André and will also air on Adult Swim, takes many of its cues from the Eric André Show. In the debut trailer, the host (dressed like a bootleg Guy Fieri) humiliates himself in public and grosses out his guests. However, Mostly 4 Millennials is painted over with a coat of youthful online irony, and looks like a baby boomer's nightmare of what they believe young people are into. 

While the trailer doesn't reveal too much about the guest appearances on the show, Joey's face is clearly visible for a second, and he really doesn't look happy. No doubt that the host will have done something completely absurd and disgusting to have gotten that reaction. 

Also, the DJ on the show is Fred Durst. Yes, that Fred Durst, in case you were wondering what he's been up to lately.

While Eric André fans waiting for a fifth season announcement, they'll have to settle for watching Joey Badass have the worst day of his life on Mostly 4 Millennials. The show is set to premiere on Adult Swim on July 1st. Check out the trailer for the show below, but be warned: it's kind of nasty.