It's well-documented that fanbases of any sort of sci-fi based franchise can be incredibly toxic. Of course, "Star Wars" is no exception to this rule and over the last five years, John Boyega has been subjected to the full extent of the toxicity. Ever since starring in the reboot trilogy, Boyega has been harassed on his various social media platforms, as some fans seem to think that going after him will somehow make their lives any better. It's certainly a sad reality although, over the past few months, Boyega has been making an effort to clap back and assert his dominance.

Last night, Boyega shut down the toxic fans, once and for all, as he officially stated on Twitter that they are canceled in his eyes. "Toxic Star Wars fans still find their way to my mentions. Lord. Must I be blunt? I don’t fuck with you no more," he wrote.

Boyega's statement was met with praise by those who oppose the rabid stans who have plagued his mentions for so long. Just a few months ago, many were worried that Boyega's pushback would lead to a blackballing in the industry, however, it has done the opposite as the actor has five projects lined up, moving forward.

Moving forward, we're sure the toxic "Star Wars" fans will think twice before they something slick in the actor's comments.