According to ABC News, actor John C. Reilly is totally committed to filming a sequel to the classic buddy comedy Step Brothers. Although he's been kept busy with voiceover work, namely as the animated character "Wreck-It Ralph," a Step Brother's sequel is really where his heart lies, he said so himself.

"It requires the cooperation of a few other people but I would love to do another one of those," Reilly told the Good Morning America breakfast panel. "If possible, yeah." 

Back in August, John C. Reilly made it abundantly clear that he was no deterrent to making the sequel happen, pointing the blame at the production crew and their newfound success in other fields. For one, director Adam McKay took a turn for the serious, co-writing the screenplay to The Big Short, which garnered him an Oscar win. Of course, what Reilly is really insinuating is that scheduling conflicts are abounding within the fraternity they've created.

For the time being, John C. Reilly fans will have to make do with his "Wreck-It Ralph" character. Ralph Breaks the Internet, itself a sequel, hits theatres on November 21st after several delays in post-production. Would a Step Brother's sequel be of interest to you?