Favorites, favorites - we all have 'em.

While at 92nd Street Y, the location of the 92Y TalksJohn Kransinki shared a little-known fact with host Stephen Colbert about his favorite The Office episode. The actor and film-maker revealed that the second episode of the first season aptly titled 'Diversity Day' holds a special place in his memory. Krasinski told television show host Stephen Colbert that he is particularly fond of the episode for various reasons, including the fact that his friend and former high school mate BJ Novak wrote the episode; and the unique brand of comedy that viewers have come to associate with the show captured in the episode. 

The actor had this to say: “I remember that day when [the diversity sensitivity counselor played by Larry Wilmore] comes in and says, ‘My name is Mr. Brown,’ and Michael says, ‘I’m not gonna call you that.’" He went on to joke "It was that moment combo’d with Kelly [played by Mindy Kaling] slapping him where I said, ‘Oh my God, we’re a part of something totally unique — and I don’t think anyone will watch this." He continues to say that during the filming of that episode, he was met with the realization he and his fellow cast members "were a part of something special.”

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