John Mayer jumped on Instagram to reflect on the tributary moments associated with Mac Miller. More importantly, he took the moment to address the deep regrets that arose from his passing, in one touching letter.

As noted, Mayer was in big participant in the memorial process following Mac Miller's untimely death, to the best of his abilities. But what saddens Mayer the most about the process, is that he eventually ran out of memories to draw upon, or things to say regarding his experiences with Mac. This is the reason he is effectively taking himself out of the public conversation, explained by his polite refusal of a Mac Miller-themed magazine tribute several weeks ago.

John Mayer's first response to the solicitation was markedly positive, but then, a light off in his head. "I replied to the email and sat in silence for a few minutes," he wrote. "That day, I discovered a new dimension to the sadness of his passing."

The latter part of his Instagram message is the crux of the rationale against further tributes. "I wasn’t upset because I knew him well. I was upset because I didn’t," he continued. "I wish I had more to tell you about Mac Miller. What I do have to remember him by are a couple of beautiful mental photographs that I'll keep with me the rest of my life." Mayer's refusal is actually touching because he would much rather hear other people's stories than muddy up the process with false claims - RIP.