John Stockton is the all-time NBA leader in assists and his record will probably never be broken. As a member of the Utah Jazz, Stockton went to two-straight NBA Finals although he never ended up winning a ring. His career led to his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, and to this day, he is highly regarded as a legend by Jazz fans.

Yesterday, however, Stockton's favorability amongst fans dropped significantly after it was revealed that he would be appearing in a documentary that underplays the seriousness of COVID-19. In fact, a clip from the trailer shows Stockton talking about the vaccine and how he doesn't believe in it.

“This isn’t a virus cheating us of this opportunity,” Stockton said. “It’s the guys making decisions saying, ‘No, no we’re too scared. We’re going to shut everything down. Sit in your house and be careful.’ My kids and my grandkids hearing these things and accepting them as truth when I know by my significant amount of research that it isn’t, it’s very frustrating.”

Immediately following the virality of this clip, fans took to Twitter to mock Stockton and his views. They also made sure to throw in some digs about the Jazz and their NBA Finals failures that came at the hands of Michael Jordan. It was pretty brutal, although when it comes to COVID-19, we're sure the backlash didn't sway his views in any way shape, or form.