John Wall is finding solace in his bucket list. According to Fred Katz of The Athletic, John Wall plans to spend his time "off the court" wisely. Apparently, John Wall will return to his alma mater and complete the coursework required of him in order to gain the undergraduate degree he promised his father. According to USA Today, Wall has been filling in the missing credits, here and there, whenever there's been a lull in the NBA schedule. John Wall, who remains an enshrined member of the University of Kentucky Athletics Hall of Fame, likely has a special arrangement in place which allows him to circumvent the regular curriculum.

As reported, Wall underwent a surgical procedure on January 8th to repair a torn Achilles he suffered in the month of December. Wall likely has zero interest in restructuring his contract to help the Wizards' cope with his exorbitant cap hit, due to the fact management was well aware of the health risk's associated with his explosive/athletic playing style, upon signing the contract. Regardless of that, John Wall remains chipper, because he is after all "close to graduation," after nipping away at the sum of his Kentucky credits for two years now.