John Wall has been with the Houston Rockets for a couple of years now, however, it hasn't been fruitful for him. With James Harden leaving before Wall could even introduce himself, it became clear that the point guard was putting himself in a bad position. While he did, in fact, play last season, he has refused to do so this year, and the Rockets are looking towards a solution.

The issue is that Wall is making over $44 million this season and he has a player option worth $47 million in 2022. This means Wall wouldn't want to be bought out, but he may have no choice at this point. As for teams that would be interested in him, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is claiming that should a buy-out take place, the Heat will be ready to take him.

John WallCarmen Mandato/Getty Images

Per Miami Herald:

"Though the Heat would have interest in adding point guard John Wall if he’s bought out by Houston, ESPN said that’s not happening because Wall doesn’t want to give up his $47.4 million player option next season, let alone his $44.3 million salary this season."

Of course, the Heat already have a point guard in Kyle Lowry, however, you can't go wrong with adding a player to your roster. Despite his injuries, Wall is still a good player and any contending team would be lucky to have him.

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John Wall

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images