Can this Johnny Depp and Amber Heard drama get any messier? Yes, it can. In case you haven't been keeping up with the story, Depp is suing The Sun for defamation based on an article they published in 2018 where they call him a “wife-beater." Depp's ex-wife, Amber Heard, revealed that Depp had been abusing her, only for things to turn around against her. Now, Depp is seeking to clear his name and expose Heard as a cheating, lying, abusive partner. 

According to Sky News, Johnny Depp allegedly texted a friend that his ex-wife Amber Heard was a “gold-digger” and a “50 cent stripper." He also accused her of having oral sex with someone who he called “Mollusk.” All this information was revealed in a UK court this past Friday. “She’s begging for total global humiliation…She’s gonna get it…she sucked Mollusk’s crooked d–k and he gave her some s–t lawyers," Depp allegedly wrote. "I have no mercy, no fear and not an ounce of emotion, or what I once thought was love for this gold-digging, low level, dime a dozen, mushy, pointless dangling overused flappy fish market." The text was allegedly sent just months after Depp decided to divorce Heard. 

The “Mollusk” Depp refers to could be either Tesla genius Elon Musk and actor James Franco. Depp has accused Heard of having relationships with both, and the affair with Musk appears to be true. The texts to Carino, who is Lady Gaga’s ex-fiance, were sent just a day after Depp and Heard settled their divorce.

“I’m so f–king happy she wants to go to fight this out!!!,” Depp alleged text continued. “She will hit the wall hard!!! And I cannot wait to have this waste of a c— guzzler out of my life!!! I met an f–king sublime little Russian here…Which made me realize the time I blew on that 50 cent stripper.”