Johnny Depp has been having a rough go lately, having been embroiled in a public divorce and legal battle with Amber Heard. With allegations of domestic abuse on both sides, it seems as if Depp has taken the brunt of the damage, having been dismissed from his roles in both the Pirates Of The Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts franchises.

 Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images

While things haven't exactly been looking up for Depp, the first trailer from his long-delayed City Of Lies was officially released, providing a thorough look at the upcoming true-crime flick. Co-starring Forrest Whitaker, City Of Lies follows LAPD detective Russell Poole and journalist Jack Jackson on their search to solve the murder of rap legend Christopher Wallace -- aka The Notorious B.I.G. 

From the look of it, the mid-nineties hip-hop landscape will play a prominent role in the film, highlighting a news report speculating that Biggie's murder was retaliation for the death of 2Pac Shakur. It would appear that such theories will be touched upon, as Forest Whitaker's character flatly denies the possibility that Biggie had Pac killed. "It's a riddle," speculates Depp's character, and given that the murder currently remains unsolved, the riddle has yet to be solved. It should be interesting to see how City Of Lies tackles the unresolved nature of Biggie's death -- look for further clarification when the film hits theaters on March 19th.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below, released one day after the twenty-fourth anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G's tragic death.