Johnny Manziel was a superstar during his time at Texas A&M although it seemed like it was common knowledge that he liked to party and that at times, it would interfere with whatever he had to do out on the field. Regardless, Manziel was taken in the first round of the NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns and while he played a few games, his career eventually fizzled out after numerous off-the-field incidents that had teammates and coaching staffs losing patience.

Manziel even got to play in the CFL for a bit although he was eventually banned for life. Recently, Manziel spoke about these experiences on the YNK Podcast where he got candid about the mistakes he made over the years and how his teammates eventually lost his respect.

Per Manziel:

"Looking back on it now, I would say I absolutely, 100 percent lost their respect. Why wouldn't you? If I was one of them looking back at what I was doing, and your decisions that you make off the field impact if I put food on mine, yeah I'd feel some type of way, a hundred percent. I would say we wasted a draft pick to go get this guy who doesn't give a f--k. And that's my only thing in life that I haven't been able to look back and like fully have closure on. ... It's probably one of the only things that I haven't looked back on and been able to be like super, super OK with what happened."

Manziel has made it clear that he believes his football career is over, although he seems to have a positive outlook on things, as he continues to grow as a man. He isn't the first NFL player to squander their opportunity, and he certainly won't be the last.

Johnny Manziel

Joe Robbins/AAF/Getty Images